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• Crib: 52" x 28″ – stretches to 6″ deep.
• Cot Size: 75" x 30" x 6"
• Twin: 75" x 39″ x 6”
• Twin XL: 80" x 39″ x 9” – buy 2 for a Split King.
• Full: 75" x 54″ x 12”
• Queen: 80" x 60″ x 12”• King: 80" x 78″ x 12”

Peelaways are available in the following sizes:

Crib: 52" x 28″ – stretches to 6″ deep.
Cot Size: 75" x 30" x 6"
Twin: 75" x 39″ x 6”
Twin XL: 80" x 39″ x 9” – buy 2 for a Split King.
Full: 75" x 54″ x 12”
Queen: 80" x 60″ x 12”
King: 80" x 78″ x 12”

Yes, with its special blend of fibers, Peelaways are noiseless and provide a soft comfortable sleep space, without changing the feel of your mattress. You’ll never even know these are not regular sheets.

Yes, Peelaways are a fitted style sheet. To use, simply put on as a fitted sheet with the label at the top. Peelaways create a protective barrier over your mattress, and place a tight fitted sheet on top. To prevent slippage from corners, you can use sheet straps to hold them firmly in place (not included).

Yes, the advanced breathable membrane base blocks liquids, while still allowing air to flow through. This keeps your bed cool and dry throughout the night.

Yes, Peelaways contain no Vinyl, PVC, Phthalates or fire retardants, making our products breathable, odorless and free from harsh chemicals.

100% disposable! Simply throw the soil sheets away.

Yes, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You have a full 30 days to try it out risk-free. If the product does not live up to your expectations, you can return it for a full refund (minus shipping costs).

Simply email us at or use the chat box as soon as possible, and we will try to make the change before shipping. We usually ship by 1pm EST on weekdays.

You can manage your subscriptions using this link:

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6000+ 5 star reviews

Best product I've ever used! | was going away to visit family and was so worried about my bladder leakage at night. | didn't want to ruin their bed and didn't want to lug a bunch of bulky under pads. | had these shipped directly to their home before | arrived. They were so easy to use, comfy, and never leaked! Highly recommend!

Diana L. Magda

| couldn't believe these would be waterproof from accidents because the linings were so thin, but was | wrong. They do not seep though to next liner and so much easier to use than changing sheets everyday for elderly.


These have saved my sanity! With 2 incontinent special needs teenagers... these have relieved a lot of stress. They hold a LOT of liquid and are easy to use and tear away. No more 15 loads of laundry and wet mattresses!

Jalene Stanger

This is better then described, let's just say we had a real experience on our hands. After clean up and | geared away a the top layer, nothing. | mean nothing soaked, seeped through, not even smell. A MAZ ZA ZING

Stephanie Jackson

Shipped items to our family that is taking care of their Mom who is bedridden at the present time due to her medical condition. They said it is more convenient to use than sheets, less washing, just peel off soiled layer and throw out.

Kalahiki Jr Samuel

My 12 year old son doesn't wake up sometimes and has accidents. These sheets are the perfect solution. They protect his mattress and they are discreet under his regular bed sheets. It has helped so much. When he has an accident he now can take care of it himself and put a new top sheet on his bed. No more scrubbing, no more smell, and no more embarrassment.


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