Transforming Nighttime Care with Peelaways


The Overnight Change: How Peelaways is Revolutionizing Bedtime for the Elderly

Caring for elderly loved ones often means ensuring their comfort around the clock, especially during the night. It's not uncommon for accidents to occur, leading to discomfort and sleep disruptions. This is where Peelaways comes into play—a multi-layered, disposable bedding solution designed for quick changes and utmost hygiene.

Last night, just like many other nights, Emily had to change her father's bedding due to an accident. With traditional bedding, this would have meant a lengthy, disruptive process. However, with Peelaways, Emily simply peeled away the top layer, revealing a fresh, dry sheet below. This entire change took less than a minute, drastically reducing discomfort for both her father and herself.

What makes Peelaways truly exceptional is that each layer is 100% waterproof. Nothing can transfer from one layer to another, ensuring a hygienic sleeping environment, which is crucial for preventing infections and maintaining skin health.

For those providing nighttime care, Peelaways isn't just a bedding solution—it's a way to enhance the quality of care, ensuring that both caregivers and their loved ones can get back to sleep quickly and comfortably.





Professionals & Institutions save a fortune on labor/laundry.



The first thing our customers notice is how soft our sheets are.



Each layer is 100% Waterproof, perfect for spills and accidents



Change the sheet in under 1 minute without stripping the bed.