Peel Away Labs Invents First Multilayered Disposable Sheet


Shark Tank Contestant Raised $1.3 Million, Partners with Strategic Retailers and Distributors Worldwide to Provide Fastest Way to Change Fitted Bed Sheets

JERSEY CITY, N.J.Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean, soft sheets are now less than 60 seconds away.  After more than three years in development, Peel Away Labs' 100% waterproof multilayer sheet makes it easy for consumers and healthcare personnel to change the bed sheets. By simply pulling down the sheet from one corner, a soiled sheet is "peeled away" in seconds to reveal a fresh one underneath. The fitted sheets are 32% softer than traditional sheets and have a breathable membrane allowing for a cooler night's sleep.


     Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here: Health experts say sheets in the home should be changed every seven to 10 days due to bacteria, fungi, animal dander, pollen and other microbes found on beds. Peelaways' fitted sheets are available for the home, with sizes from crib to king, ranging from $15.99-$39.99. Peelaways is especially ideal for home caregivers taking care of someone with incontinence issues or children who wet the bed, to new moms who are constantly changing their newborn's mattress protectors. Peelaways offers sheets with five to seven layers per package. With one Peelaways multilayered disposable sheet, people can sleep on a clean and healthy sheet for up to two months.

     Peelaways multilayered disposable sheets are now available at Walmart,,, Amazon,, and Zulily.

"The idea for Peelaways began in college when I realized students weren't changing or washing their dirty sheets because it was such a hassle, and, around the same time, I saw my grandparents struggle to change their fitted bed sheets," said Maxwell Cohen, founder, CEO and president of Peel Away Labs.  "Being a multilayered disposable sheet, there is no need to launder them."

     In addition to consumer use, two leading U.S. healthcare services companies for medical supplies, Cardinal Health and McKesson, are distributing Peelaways sheets for hospitals and Long Term Care Facility beds, as well as to durable media equipment stores (DMEs) and independent pharmacies. Hospitals are evaluating these speciality sheets to increase patient comfort, save healthcare personnel time when it comes to changing the sheets, and to help reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired infections. According to Lou Leibhaber, former Chief Operating Officer at Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network, "The reduced time in changing these sheets can significantly increase the time hospital staff provides care to its patients. On average, it can take two nurses up to 15 minutes to change a sheet while the patient is in the bed. With Peelaways, it can take one nurse less than a minute and, most importantly, can increase patient comfort."

     South Africa, which is experiencing a dire water shortage in some of their regions, is acutely interested in Peelaways because they can save water since there is no laundering needed. A pilot with South Africa's private hospital system Netcare is now getting underway. A partnership with newly created Peelaways South Africa and Peelaways Africa are primarily distributing the sheets to hospitals, mining companies, and sporting goods companies. Asia's leading medical supply chain company, IDS Medical Systems, has also signed on to distribute Peelaways to healthcare facilities throughout the far east. Peel Away Labs raised $1.3 million with New York Venture Partners, Alpine Meridian Ventures, and a number of New York Angels' members participating. An early Peelaways prototype was first shown on the TV program Shark Tank, in 2016.


About Peel Away Labs

Peel Away Labs is changing the sheets for consumers and institutions. Entrepreneur Maxwell Cohen knew there had to be an easier and more convenient way to change fitted bed sheets, and he created Peelaways, an innovative, multilayered disposable sheet to address this void in the bedding industry.  Peel Away Labs was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey. For more information, consumers should visit and healthcare professionals should visit



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Just ordered and joined got some a couple weeks ago. Since I had a surgery I have ended up wetting the bed sometimes. When I wake wet a quick rip off of top sheet change pajamas and back to sleep. Mattress is always dry thanks so much.


For 2 years, I was absolutely IN LOVE with Peelaways, telling everyone that it was far better than anything else I’d had in my bed for years—until last month!!! I don’t know what they did, although I think they were trying to increase the waterproofing capability, but whatever it was they opted to do with that waterproof back/plastic facings instead turned the bed into a nightmare-inducing slide, as if you’re out in the middle of a pond of ice with no way to get a hand up or support! They won’t stay down on the corners for anything (even tape), and with all those layers pulling against each other, it’s a constant battle to keep enough of the mattress covered underneath me for them to be of any use, when mainly they want to be on the FLOOR!!! If they don’t reformulate to fix it, I will go from a loyal customer who wouldn’t purchase anything else to an ex-customer screaming to everyone I can how terrible the product now is, how terrible the customer assistance is, and how generally useless in every way this “start up” is now that “start up” has been equated to non-existent customer support!!!!


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What happens when the 5-7 layers are gone? I don’t see it being economically sensible.











Professionals & Institutions save a fortune on labor/laundry.



The first thing our customers notice is how soft our sheets are.



Each layer is 100% Waterproof, perfect for spills and accidents



Change the sheet in under 1 minute without stripping the bed.