College Survival Kit for Freshman Year and Beyond


Jetting off to college is both an exciting and stressful milestone for incoming students. After packing up their lives and moving into rooms the size of refrigerator boxes, students are tasked with finding new friends, maintaining their studies and, on top of all of that, finding the time to care for themselves. That’s why Peel Away Labs has put together a thorough and practical college survival kit so that students can make it through an entire semester in one, happy piece. On this list you’ll find affordable essentials that cater to the hectic collegiate lifestyle.


1. Dorm-A-Peel - $29.99


The last thing college students should have to worry about is setting aside a few hours a week to clean their bed linens. That’s why Peel Away Labs has invented the time-saving alternative: Dorm-A-Peel, peel away, multilayered sheets for twin and twin XL sized beds. Students can have clean sheets in under sixty seconds by simply peeling away the top layer. The sheets are made from a blend of Bamboo, Rayon and Polyester fibers for optimum strength, absorption and softness. With 7 layers of waterproof sheets, two Dorm-A-Peels will last you an entire semester!


2.  High Brew Coffee - $2

College students are going to need some serious caffeine for all of those late-nighters in the library they’re bound to endure. High Brew Coffee’s ready to drink cold brew is the perfect canned beverage for the dorm room fridge. With 2x the amount of caffeine to keep college students awake and less acidity than a hot cup of joe, High Brew gives students the extra nudge they need to power through a semester.

3. Boosa powerbank - $49.95


A long day on campus (bouncing from class to class, texting friends, streaming video and incessantly scrolling through social media) can drain a student’s phone battery and render them helpless. The Boosa powerbank is a high speed portable phone charger that’s small, long lasting and perfect for the college student’s busy schedule.   

4. JOGGO backpack - $79.99


College students can carry their textbooks in style this semester with JOGGO. These fair trade bags are ethically made from sustainable material and 10% of the proceeds from the sales go to refugee education initiatives.

5. Stress Killer powdered drink - $17.99


College students need as much help as they can in the stress management department. Luckily Stress Killer is a nutritional product that helps mitigate stress and anxiety. The powdered drink mix features the 10 most effective and safest nutrients for focus and calm.

6. ISlide: $44.99-49.99


One thing college students shouldn’t go without is a convenient pair of slide sandals. Perfect for campus, dorm rooms and communal showers, students can slip on these adjustable, customizable shoes with ease and be on their merry way.

7. NDOband - $18-$46


Finding time to exercise at school can be a tough undertaking, what with maintaining a social life and decent grades. The NDOband is a fitness accessory that brings the gym to the student! Students can wear the NDOband on their wrists and use it for on-the-go workouts, like stretching, lunges and glute kickbacks.

8. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera - $89.99


There’s almost nothing more important than making and preserving memories in college. With the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera students can instantly snap, print and share their favorite moments.

9. SodaStream - $79.99


In the hustle and bustle of the collegiate lifestyle, college students can barely come up for air, let alone water! The SodaStream sparkling water makers encourage healthy hydration. The fancy, homemade sparkling water is a fun, delicious ways for students to keep themselves hydrated without spending beaucoup bucks on store bought water.  

10. Game Plan Lifestyle Planner - $31.99


The Game Plan Lifestyle Planner helps college students keep their affairs in order. From club meetings and exams, to social outings and sporting events, students can jot down their obligations in this stylish notebook and live their best, most punctual lives.

11. JBL GO 2 - $39.95


The JBL GO 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can last up to 5 hours at a time and fit in the palm of your hand. College students can bring this speaker with them anywhere, whether that’s the common room, library, cafeteria or party. The JBL GO 2 is also waterproof and comes in 12 colors.

12. Bedside Tech Saddle Organizer - $35.00


In college, students use their beds as sleeping places, desks and couches. That’s why this Bedside Tech Saddle Organizer is the ideal gift for incoming students. The pockets can hold laptops, cell phones, e-readers and other small electronic devices. The organizer even includes loops and straps to hide powerstrips and keep all of your devices charged and ready for use.

Get Packing!

Now that you have the survival essentials, it’s time to start filling that suitcase! From speakers to sparkling water, these goodies are bound to ensure a happy, sane semester for students embarking on their college journeys.




Really liked the advice that you have given. Unfortuantely going to college wasnt fun for me. As i didnt have any one to guide me. Your blogs has brought back so many memories.I would really like to thank you for giving this information to the university going students. It is very helpfull.




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