Back to College: The New Must-Have For a Busy College Student



Gone are the days of stripping your bed and lugging a large, smelly basket of dirty sheets down the three flights of stairs to your dorm’s dingy, basement laundry room. In that dank, noisy chamber, your fate awaits: three hours of battling boredom while you guard your tumbling linens. Fortunately for you, Peel Away Labs has designed a disposable sheet that will change the course of your college career. It’s as easy as removing your bed sheet, tossing it in the trashcan and skipping out the door, frisbee in hand, to join your buddies on the quad. So this semester, turn over a new leaf (or sheet) with Peel Away Labs’ disposable sheets and make time for the things that matter, all while becoming the clean, responsible college student your mother always hoped you’d be.

The Huffington Post suggests that the average person cleans his or hers sheets every one or two weeks. As a college student, you might want to lean towards the former since your bed is more than just a cozy sleep sanctuary. It’s also your workplace, your eating place, and your couch for friends and visitors. From perspiration and body oils to saliva and, surprisingly enough, fecal matter, your sheets collect quite a bit of germs over the course of just a few days. Peel Away Labs has the solution.

Dorm-A-Peel contains seven disposable layers of eco-friendly sheets. Each layer lasts up to 10 days and can dress a twin or twin XL mattress, the typical size of a dorm room bed. The sheets are made from a blend of bamboo, rayon and polyester fibers for a soft, waterproof yet absorbent result. Bamboo also contains thermoregulating properties to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you can survive the seasons without your dorm’s dysfunctional heating and AC.

Using Dorm-A-Peel is easy: after 7 to 10 days, peel away the top sheet on your bed to reveal the fresh, clean layer beneath. Two Dorm-A-Peels will last you an entire semester and save you from purchasing a backup set of linens and mattress protector.

So go ahead, use your bed as a dining room table. Eat your pizza and sip your soda in bed without worrying about spills and stains. Make time for the things that matter at school, whether that’s hitting the library to finish your term paper or hitting the bed to sleep off a long weekend. Either way, Peel Away Labs’ disposable sheets have got you, and your bed, covered.





Professionals & Institutions save a fortune on labor/laundry.



The first thing our customers notice is how soft our sheets are.



Each layer is 100% Waterproof, perfect for spills and accidents



Change the sheet in under 1 minute without stripping the bed.