No more laundry – no more wrestling with the corners – soft, comfy – instant sheets!

Perfect for both personal and professional use.

The special blend of Bamboo, Viscose and Polyester fibers is combined with a breathable waterproof membrane that allows you to be cooler while sleeping. No more hassle of landry. No more wrestling with the corners to change the bed. Get right back to sleep. Easy to use-providers-protection against  leaks, messes. spills and dirt. Perfect for elderly, potty training, bed wetting, guest rooms, dorm room , camping and more! Double as a waterproof bed mattress protector as well.

Using Peelaways Is Super Simple

Step 1: Place

Place the Peelaway sheets with the color stitching or tag at the head of your mattress.

Step 2: Peel

Peal down down from the top corner and along the seams after 7-10 days.

Step 3: Dispose

Dispose of the used layer responsibly and enjoy your new instantly fresh sheet!

Using Peelways Is Supersimple!

Save Time and Money!

Peealways can reduce environmental impact by eliminating the need to launder your sheets by saving water and electricity (as well as harsh chemical detergents).We use sustainable viscose and recycled water in our manufacturing process.

Our mission is to make our bedding as friendly as possible by using 45% plant based materials.And we are making strides everyday to keep imporoving. Water usage for laundering in healthcare facilities can use up to 11% of all available water.

WHAT DOES THIS MEANS?Many places such as Capetown in South Africa and some parts of the US have severe water shortages and need to find a way to cut down on their water usage.Peelaways solves this problem.


Peelaways patented multilayered design features one individual fitted bed sheet with 5 soft layers

Absorbent special blend of Bamboos, Viscose and Polyester fibers

32% softer than hospital sheets

Each layer is laminated with a breathable PU laminate that provides a totally waterproof barrier allowing the non-woven fabric to help disperse heat and perspiration through the airspaces in our construction

Peelaways - A clean sheet is just a peel away

Peelaways - A clean sheet is just a peel away


Absorbent fibers capture perspiration and liquids. The waterproof laminate prevents the penetration of liquids to the next layer. Peelaways are neutral in the potential spread of infectious disease.

Have a fresh sheet in under a minute

Great for bedridden patients

Have 5 disposable layers

Never have to replace worn out linens

Up to 25% of fitted sheets need to be replaced each year

Landry services require "True up" to inventory to cover "shrinkage" of bed sheets