Are you a caregiver or taking care of someone at home? Peelaways gives you peace of mind.

Fresh Sheets in a Matter of Seconds

Why Peelaways?

 –  Peelaways are a both mattress protector with not only one soft sheet on it but 5 soft cozy waterproof, breathable sheets on it. If you soil the sheet- you simply peel back that layer, throw it out and reveal a clean one below. Instant clean!!!! No laundry- no changing the sheet- no soiling the mattress. 

Caregivers – Caregivers are the biggest fans of Peelaways, 5 layers mean 5 times nurses don’t have to put on, take off, wash and dirty sheets! Simply peel off the top layer to instantly have a new clean sheet! 

- You can sleep on your Peelaways for the doctor recommended 7-10 days- so with 2 packs can last up to 100 full night.

Clean Less, Experience More.

Fresh sheets in a matter of seconds

The typical college experience can be summed up in three words: studies, socializing and sleep. Between rushing to class, catching up with friends and setting aside time for some much needed relaxation, changing your bedding probably isn’t on the top of your to do list with your rare free time. However, leaving your sheets unwashed for even a week can create a breeding ground for dust mites, fungal spores and bacteria. This can lead to a handful of dreaded party fouls, such as breakouts, allergies and irritated skin. Make the most of your busy schedule with Peelaway Labs’ Dorm-A-Peel, the quick and easy layered sheet solution for college students. In less time than it takes to heat up last night’s leftovers, Dorm-A-Peel provides you with a soft, fresh fitted sheet to get you on the go or off to sleep in a matter of seconds!

The Solution

Each layer is Soft and is 100% Waterproof

Protects Mattress - Do not throw away any mattresses

Fits Standard Hospital Bed, All Sizes available 

One Package can last 50 night ! 

to save time

The Solution

The Solution
to Save time

  • Each layer is made from an exceptional blend of bamboo,rayon and polyester fibers for optimum strength, absorptionn and softness.

  • Peel Aways are free from pathalates, formaldehydes and lead. They are also 32% softer and generate less friction than traditional bed sheets do.

  • Each sheet absorbs liquids/stains with its micropore 100% waterproof membrane protecting your mattress

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How To Use It

Step One:

Place Peelaways with color stitching at head of mattress.

Step Two:

Peel down from top corner and along the seams after 7-10 days or if soiled.

Step Three:

Dispose of used layer responsibly and enjoy your new fresh sheet!


"Oh this feels nice...super soft!"

Martha Stewart

"These sheets are great for people who are looking for convenience."

"We tried them, and have never looked back. We have 3 “sick” beds in the ZOO (infirmary) and each one has Camp A Peel."

Mary Ellen MacKnight, MSN, RN, OCN Kay’s Kamp

"Less than the cost of washing the equivalent amount of sheets."

New York Times