About us

Disposable Sheets, mattress protectors

The idea for PEEL AWAYS started out small, in my dorm room at the University of Arizona. I couldn’t help but notice how few students washed their sheets…and how much time went between washes. Next thing I knew, PEEL AWAYS was my new pet project. So how do you get people to wash their sheets? By creating such an amazing sheet that it doesn’t have to be washed at all.

Our team at Peel Away Labs has tried and tested over 30 prototypes to give you the softest, absorbent disposable sheet out there. Each layer of PEEL AWAYS is breathable, flexible and comfortable, night after night. It’s even gentle on the environment by saving precious water, so while your wallet gets a break, Mother Nature does too. We want to change the way you think about bedding. Try PEEL AWAYS for yourself, and enjoy a fresh, clean sheet one layer at a time.